My Dearest Brother


Dearest Brother,

My heart broke the day you died; truth be told I stayed home for a week crying because everything reminded me of you; songs on the radio, clothes, pictures, movies. I miss you everyday because you were the first best friend I ever had.

I know you knew I loved you but I have never thanked you for being in my life so I’d like to do that now. Thank you for teaching me to ride a bike, skateboard and climb mango trees. Thank you for putting together our backyard Michael Jackson performances when we lived on 2nd Avenue. Thank you for helping me meet Billy Dee Williams. Remember how I told everyone I’d never wash my hand again after he kissed it?! Thank you for trying to teach me to dance despite the fact that we knew I had no rhythm. Thank you schooling me on the ways of men and for never being too busy to talk or give advice. Thank you for being a genuine, kindhearted and forgiving man.

You had a knack for changing the mood of a room with just a simple hello and your infectious enthusiasm. I often call your cell phone just to hear that in your voice because I miss your the sound of it. It’s hurts to know that I will never hear you call me your little big sister ever again.

Do you remember how we would fight like cats and dogs? World War 3! Lol. Oh my God you were an annoying kid. Black eye for you, black eye for me spankings from Mommy for both of us. Ouch!

I still can’t believe you’re gone. My heart is irrevocably broken. I will miss you immensely because I had the greatest big brother ever! Thank you for being a best friend to our Mom. Losing you has been incredibly hard for her and she misses her big baby very much. Daddy is heart broken as well and he misses you more than you know.

I love you and will continue to honor your memory by being there for wife and helping to care for your young daughters. It’s a blessing to look at them and see your smile and handsome face.

Give my love to Grandpa who I’m sure are with you right now. You will forever be in my heart until the we are together again.

I will love you always,
Your little sister.



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