Cross training for Pole Dance


Good advice.


No matter what sport you choose, your body will become unbalanced if you only train your sport. Pole is no exception. To bring your training to a more elite level, you must learn how to cross train.

Unfortunately, cross training can be confusing. How much should you do? Come to think of it, what should you do?

These answers are going to be different for everyone, so I’ve made a list of questions to consider while you are designing your own crosstraining routine. At the bottom, I’ve linked to some articles that may be helpful for you.

  1. Why are you cross training? To prevent muscular imbalances? (I’m looking at all of you who don’t practice on both sides as much as you should). To build stamina? (I’m looking at all of you who don’t finish your freestyle because three minutes is a really long time and you’re tired) To prevent…

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