Even Mindy Kaling Can’t Win the Body-Image Wars


Love Mindy Kailing!


The days of size-0 stars talking about how little they can eat to stay in the business seem to be fading into darkness. Now, it’s Jennifer Lawrence talking pizza and French fries, Mindy Kaling saying she eats like a 6-foot-3 man and Gabourey Sibide throwing shade at cruel Twitter trolls commenting on her weight.

The floodgates of real-body talk have been opened. But it’s not just on social media or alongside Jimmy Fallon. Women like Kaling are scripting their own TV shows, making body image discussion part of the plotlines. It’s become more acceptable to discuss body realism as opposed to idealism, but is all this talk about bodies helping women with self-image issues or eating disorders or does this new focus fuel our obsession with how we look? If anything the conversation is even more focused on appearances than before.

Kaling’s show The Mindy Project, which she stars in…

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