Relocating: An adventure in resiliency


I left NYC a year ago. Relocated to Florida for work and the possibilities of starting a new chapter in my life. The experience has been life changing. 

I had to learn to drive, get my permit and license in 4 months. In NYC all you need is the subway, so I never learned to drive. There I was 36 years old scared to death, finally learning to drive. I had two accidents, but I survived. 

I learned to hang my own pictures, perform repairs in my own home, put air in my own tires and change them, kill cockroaches, navigate a new town and state all while stepping into a new manamement role at a new job as a single mother. Yeah I had several mental breakdowns from feeling overwhelmed at times. But I survived. 

Florida is nice; great weather, beautiful beaches and nice communities. It’s a great place to raise kids…but boy do I miss NYC. I miss the shopping, noise, smells, the diversity, the people and most of all the food! I miss going to Trader Joe’s, eating falafels at Mamoun’s, running in Central Park, the sidewalk vendors who sell everything and anything. 

Although this move has been good for me, at times I’m conflicted or maybe confused is a better word. Is this truly the place for me?! I often wonder if I made the right decision in moving. When these thoughts enter my mind, I remind myself that I moved in search of new opportunities, happiness and adventure. Here’s hoping I find it  and I continue to survive and stay sane. 


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